Tuesday, August 7, 2012

UK National Health Service Branch Bans Paperclips

Although it sounds more like a headline from The Onion, this story is apparently real: "NHS health and safety chiefs ban 'dangerous' metal paper clips".

From the article:
Manchester NHS Trust officials made the decision to stop the use of the metal stationary item after a member of staff cut their finger using one.
In a memo to staff, it was warned that the use of metal fasteners was 'prohibited' and the offending clips must be 'carefully disposed of immediately'.
'Due to recent incidents, NHS Manchester has decided to immediately withdraw the use of metal paper fasteners,' explained the memo featuring an accompanying picture of a paper clip - just to avoid any confusion.


'Please ensure any that remain in use be replaced by similar plastic fasteners. 'The use of metal fasteners is prohibited and must be carefully disposed of immediately. Thank you for your co-operation.'
The ban applies only to the employees of that NHS branch, not to the general public.

In other words, the NHS staff aren't considered competent to use metal paperclips safely. But they are deemed competent to make life-and-death medical decisions for UK residents.

Let's just hope no one tells NYC Mayor Bloomberg about this.

(Via @debbywitt.)