Thursday, August 30, 2012

UK Doctor Brain Drain

The 8/28/2012 Investor's Business Daily reminds us, "Socialized Medicine Is Enough To Chase Away British Doctors".

One excerpt:
More than 8,000 doctors have left since 2008, said the Financial Times. And it's not Britain's problem alone. Nearly 10% of Canadian-trained doctors end up in the U.S...
Yet it's obvious that Britain's socialized medicine is one of the chief reasons doctors are leaving, if not the top reason. The Financial Times reports that physicians have complained of "extensive 'goodwill hours' and coming in on days off." Younger doctors also "feel abused by the long hours" they put in.
When a government declares that it will provide "free" health care, there is no escaping the fact that such a system will one day be overwhelmed by demand and the providers -- the doctors and other professionals who are extensively and intensively trained -- won't be able to keep up. They will be overworked, underpaid and frustrated with the difficulties in performing the task they feel called to, namely healing the sick.
And what does this mean for those in the US?
While ObamaCare might not drive America's doctors elsewhere -- given that the U.S. is the world's last hope for freedom, opportunity and prosperity, there isn't any place to go -- it will cause deep problems. Rather than leave, today's U.S. physicians will simply retire early or change careers and tomorrow's will choose another profession, one less regulated and more remunerative.
(Read the full text of "Socialized Medicine Is Enough To Chase Away British Doctors".)

Fortunately, we still have time to change this.

(Via Dr. Evan Madianos.)