Friday, August 24, 2012

Canadian Rationing Strikes Again

From Ontario Canada: "Last-hope prostate drug not funded".

Here's the opening of the article:
There are two tiers of men with advanced prostate cancer in Ontario: Those who get access to a remarkable drug through private insurance, and those who get a death sentence.
The grim news is often delivered at the London Regional Cancer Program to men whose shoulders sag and jaws drop when told Ontario's Health Ministry has for 15 months refused to pay for a medication covered by every other Canadian province.
"There's shock, fury and dismay," said oncologist Kylea Potvin. "Everyone thinks we have this wonderful universal health care system, but this is absolutely not the case. We've increasingly become a two-tier health care system where if you have money, you have access."
(Read the full text of "Last-hope prostate drug not funded".)

The US isn't there yet.  But we're moving there.

(Via Instapundit.)