Thursday, August 9, 2012

Catron on Obama's Concept of "Fairness"

David Catron has a new piece in the 8/8/2012 American Spectator, "A Gut Check on What Obama Means by 'Fairness'".

Catron notes the hypocrisy of a president preaching "fairness", yet electing to avail himself of medical tests and procedures that likely would not be available to the general public once ObamaCare legislation is fully implemented.

For instance, President Obama was allowed to receive a CT colonography test (which can detect early colon cancers with much less risk than traditional colonoscopy). But Medicare denies coverage to senior citizens on the grounds that it's too costly and not a sufficiently-proven technology.

As Catron notes:
Take a moment to consider that. The President of the United States, a public servant paid by the taxpayers, followed the advice of his taxpayer-paid doctors that he should have a taxpayer-paid CTC.
Yet his health care commissars, also paid by taxpayers, have decreed that that it is too expensive to provide this very test to actual taxpayers when they retire and sign up for the Medicare program for which they have been paying all their working lives.
This perverse system, it should be remembered, is not merely presided over but taken advantage of by a man who incessantly lectures these very taxpayers about "fairness."
(Read the full text of "A Gut Check on What Obama Means by 'Fairness'".)

I'd also like to thank David Catron for citing my earlier Forbes piece on prostate cancer testing in his column and for promoting the FIRM blog!