Saturday, August 18, 2012

Wolf: Barack Obama, Welfare King

Dr. Milton Wolf has a new Washington Times OpEd, "Barack Obama: The welfare king".

One excerpt:
Consider Obamacare. Despite his false promises, since President Obama has taken office, health insurance premiums have increased by more than $2,300 per family per year. But not to worry, Mr. Obama wants to give you free stuff! Obamacare provides "assistance" -- in reality, welfare -- to families earning up to $88,500 a year. Let that sink in. In Mr. Obama’s worldview, even families earning twice the nation’s median income should receive welfare.
Consider Mr. Obama's new welfare rules. In 1996, President Clinton and a Republican Congress implemented welfare-to-work requirements. It worked astonishingly well. Welfare caseloads dropped 70 percent. The American dream was restored for nearly 9 million Americans who worked their way out of poverty. Mr. Obama, however, prefers dependency and recently gutted the work requirements. More free stuff!
Of course, once people in the middle class are hooked on subsidies/handouts, the more politically entrenched they become.  Which is how we've gotten into our current entitlement mess.

(Read the full text of "Barack Obama: The welfare king")

It will take a bold politician to communicate to the voters how we got into this mess --and how we can get out.  In particular, he or she will would have to challenge the very premises of the entitlement state at both the moral and practical levels, and offer a viable alternative. 

We'll see if anyone can step up to the challenge.