Sunday, August 19, 2012

Scherz: ObamaCare and Demonizing Doctors

Dr. Hal Scherz of Docs4PatientCare has a new piece in the 8/18/2012 TownHall, "Obama Says: Doctor, You Did Not Graduate From Medical School".

In particular, he notes how and why the Obama administration is demonizing doctors:
The healthcare system is being turned upside down with the federal government in charge of deciding who gets what kind of care, by whom, where and how much they will pay for it. Those who engineered Obamacare believe that they can do this because they feel that they own a piece of every doctor in America and that the government has a right to this work.
It becomes easier to do this by convincing Americans that healthcare is an entitlement, and consequently, someone has to provide that care for them. It becomes easier for people to feel that sense of entitlement, if they believe that their doctors are not the compassionate individuals that they thought they were, but rather, greedy opportunists like the President has depicted them.
On the current path, the worst is yet to come. Doctors are quitting in anticipation of government controlling their practices. Doctor shortages are here, but will soon reach epic proportions. Covert rationing of care is coming because there will not be enough doctors to see patients.
(There's lots more and I highly recommend reading the full piece: "Obama Says: Doctor, You Did Not Graduate From Medical School".)