Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Wolf On ObamaCare Taxes

Dr. Milton Wolf has a new piece in the 11/12/2012 Washington Times, "Obamacare taxes mean Obamacare layoffs".

He discusses the "Top Five Worst Obamacare Taxes Coming in 2013" as highlighted by Americans for Tax Reform.

Furthermore, the new law discourages employers from hiring full-time employees. The estimated job losses could reach 800,000 jobs. As Dr. Wolf notes:
Small businesses are especially vulnerable, particularly without the resources for throngs of lobbyists and lawyers. A recurring theme is unfolding: "Elections have consequences," said one Las Vegas business owner as he explained that the survival of his company demands that he lay off 22 of his 114 employees.
The Twitter aggregator website Twitchy.com has compiled distraught business owners facing the new normal. One user tweeted: "I own a small business... as of today. I will be laying off 10 of my 60 employees... Thanks Obamacare."

These tragic stories are accumulating, and the human toll is devastating...
Although we may not be able to change the law in the near term, we can remember who is responsible for the consequences.  And when the time is right, we can hold them accountable.

(Read the full text of "Obamacare taxes mean Obamacare layoffs".)