Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Goodman on the Emerging Market For Medical Care

John Goodman describes, "The Emerging Market for Medical Care".

In particular, he highlights:
Two relatively new services are facilitating a market for medical services — with price and quality competition, as well as transparency. We have previously reported on MediBid, which takes a Priceline approach to medical care.
Another service, Healthcare Blue Book (HCBB), offers a free service for patients — showing the average price for various procedures in almost every zip code in the country. Moreover, both businesses have created new tools that are valuable for employer plans — especially those with high-deductible health insurance.
As more Americans investigate HSAs (Health Savings Accounts), these services will give them valuable information to help them find the best value for their medical dollar.

The new government controls of ObamaCare are getting most of the press attention.  But I also find it encouraging that these relatively free-market health care developments are also growing.

I hope this is the just the beginning of a larger movement.