Friday, November 2, 2012

Quick Links: Insurers, Tourism, Retail Clinics

AP News: "Insurers nervous over prospect of Romney victory".

Just another reminder that the insurance industry has not been (and is not) a big fan of free-market health care reforms.

Washington Post: "Medical tourism doesn’t necessarily mean leaving the country to get treatment"

New York Times: "The Family Doctor, Minus the M.D."

We'll likely see more medical care performed by mid-level providers (nurse practitioners, physician assistants, etc.) because of physician shortages. Low-cost health clinics staffed by mid-level providers can be a very reasonable option for people needing routine services (e.g., a sprained ankle or a flu shot). And in a free market, these could exist alongside higher-end clinics staffed by MDs.

As long as patients are given appropriate disclosure about what services they are receiving (and by whom), they can decide if such clinics suit their needs or not.