Monday, November 5, 2012

PA and NJ Doctors Speak Out

As the election comes down to the wire, some doctors in Pennsylviania and New Jersey have taken out a full page ad in the Philadelphia Inquirer speaking out against ObamaCare.

As Dr. Evan Madianos explains:
It is a letter drafted and signed by myself and over 40 doctors in Pennsylvania to our patients here -- and elsewhere -- expressing our unadulterated opinions and best medical advice about how this election will impact on the future of your health care system and country. I hope you will read it. I also hope you will circulate it to others. Take it as an emergency alert.

Your current crop of inept politicians are deadly serious about their intention to  barge into our examination rooms and offices to control how we practice medicine, and dictate your care. Their plans are incompetent, irresponsible and dangerous. So your doctors have no choice but to practice politics- to get them out of our lives, out of our offices, out of your life and *OUT OF OUR WAY* -- so that we, as doctors, can practice the profession we are trained to do - which is also in your best interest as a patient.

Consider carefully -- with the full knowledge that we- as practicing physicians working daily in the system -- have the best knowledge of what is wrong with the system and how to fix it.  It is to your doctors that you come in life and death situations  and who give you the facts, straight up about a threat to your life and health -- and what to do about it. In an age where politicians distort the truth shamelessly and are emboldened to make fantastic, economically ridiculous empty promises, unrestrained by agenda-driven complicit media, you'd be a fool to trust them with the power to make life or death decisions over your health care. Choose wisely.
Here's a PDF version of their ad.

Let's hope the voters are listening.