Sunday, November 4, 2012

Magdon On Wrongs and Rights

4th year medical student Lou Magdon has published a nice piece on the AAPS website, "Two Wrongs Don’t Make [Healthcare] a Right!"

He emphasizes the importance of making the moral argument for freedom, in addition to the economic arguments.

One excerpt:
Unable to see the distortions of supply and demand for medical care because of government meddling and how it makes healthcare less affordable and less accessible, the Left doubles down on their support for more government control. They advocate for the second wrong. Because of the perceived inequality in the consumption of healthcare resources, out of “fairness”, they wish to have bureaucrats decide what physicians can and can not offer and what care patients will and will not receive. They support government coercion to take both property and freedom of choice away from Americans to redistribute the healthcare resources how they choose. They accomplish this task by fraudulently proclaiming the artificial right to healthcare. Your individual rights to live peacefully no longer matter. Your liberty is essentially stolen from you.
(Read the full text of "Two Wrongs Don’t Make [Healthcare] a Right!")