Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Some Heartfelt Thanks

Today is Election Day and we'll soon find out who will be the next US President. In the meantime, I'd like to offer my heartfelt thanks.

1) I'm thankful that despite all its imperfections, we still have a system of government that allows ordinary Americans to have their say and to influence the outcome. (In contrast, China will also change its leadership this week and ordinary Chinese citizens will have almost zero say on who rules over them.)

2) I'd like to thank the many physicians and non-physicians who have fought for health care freedom these past weeks, months, and years.

In no particular order, some of these physicians include Milton Wolf, Jill Vecchio, Beth Haynes, Evan Madianos, Matt Bowdish, Hal Scherz, Richard Armstrong, Megan Edison, Tod Rubin, Kathleen Brown, Jane Orient, Richard Amerling, Alieta Eck, Art Fougner, Rich Fogoros, Doug McGuff, Brad Hennenfent, Lou Magdon (MD-to-be), and Amesh Adalja.

Some of these non-physicians include Ari Armstrong, Jared Rhoads, Craig Biddle, Alan Germani, (the late) John Lewis, Joshua Lipana, Daniel Wahl, Stella Zawistowski, Brian Schwartz, David Catron, Michelle Minton, Linda Gorman, Richard Ralston, Scott Keays, and Donna Rovito.  Lin Zinser also deserves special credit for starting FIRM and encouraging my activism.

(I'm sure I've inadvertently left some good friends off these lists, and I apologize in advance for any  omissions!)

3) I'd like to thank the editors at PJMedia, Forbes, and The Objective Standard, for their assistance and for providing me such good outlets for my writing.

4) I'd like to thank all my friends for your feedback and moral support. And for circulating via blogging, Facebook and Twitter, the many good articles, essays, and videos making the case for free-market health care reform.  There are too many of you to name, but you all have my heartfelt thanks.

5) I'd like to give special thanks to my wife Diana for her unwavering support, especially for putting up with me all the times I stayed up "just another 15 minutes" working on another OpEd.  And for her patience while I was arguing with someone online, because "someone was wrong on the Internet!"

6) I'd like to thank every American who values his or her freedom and who will keep up the fight for life and liberty, regardless of the outcome tonight.