Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Watts LTE in GJ Sentinel

The March 31, 2010 Grand Junction Sentinel has published Richard Watts' latest LTE on ObamaCare:
Emergency-room costs don’t justify health bill

This is regarding the article, "Local supporters cheer health vote," The Daily Sentinel March 22:

"We already decided health care is a right by the way we treat ERs," Michael Pramenko told the Sentinel.

Who decided? Not "we," but Congress, when it passed a law forcing emergency rooms to treat everyone, regardless of ability to pay. By what right? None.

Each person has a right to liberty, as the Declaration of Independence asserts. Any law forcing anyone to provide a good or service violates our liberty.

It is wrong for anyone to take others' earnings, achieved through their own efforts to spend by their own judgment. It is wrong to force anyone to serve others. That is why America abolished slavery.

Forced emergency-room treatment does not justify national health care. Rather, we should restore liberty. For more on this, please visit

Hayden, CO
Thank you, Richard, for again speaking out in support of liberty and individual rights.