Monday, March 22, 2010

Hsieh PJM OpEd: "ObamaCare: The Coming Battles"

PajamasMedia has just published my latest OpEd, "ObamaCare: The Coming Battles".

Here is the opening:
Now that the House of Representatives has passed the Senate version of ObamaCare, what should Americans expect? If you are concerned about the future of your health care and the future of this country, here are a few things to prepare for in the short, medium, and long terms.

...[A]nyone who made a public promise to oppose their legislator in the November 2010 election if they voted for ObamaCare should follow through on that promise, and as publicly as possible. (Similarly, anyone who promised to support their congressman if they voted against ObamaCare should do so.)

Pelosi and company are banking on Americans having a short memory on this issue. If tea party protesters and like-minded Americans drop the ball and prove them right, then everyone will know that the tea party movement is just a toothless political "paper tiger."

Come November 2010, politicians and pundits will learn one of two lessons. Either they will learn that the tea party protesters are all talk and no walk — or they will learn that the tea party protesters are a force to be reckoned with, and that anyone who crosses them does so at great political peril. Which lesson they learn will be up to us...

Finally, in the long term, the primary battle will be one of ideas...
(Read the full text of "ObamaCare: The Coming Battles".)