Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hennenfent on Death Panels

Dr. Bradley Hennenfent has been blogging up a storm lately.

In this recent post, he warns "'Death Panels' are Real and Exist Now":
Please stop ObamaCare. I have seen the "death panels." They are Medicaid, Medicare, and the Veterans Administration. They share one thing in common, they are run by the government. The "death panels" are government bureaucrats who come between you and your physician and, after being fiscally incompetent, ration, delay and deny care.
He also correctly warns against private insurers who have illegitimately achieved their dominant position in our marketplace via "crony capitalism" engaging in similar practices against patients and physicians.

In a related post, Dr. Hennefent quotes James Schott:
...[J]ust because the bill does not say specifically 'in our socialized medicine system there will be death panels' doesn't preclude a mechanism evolving that will make life and death decisions based on budget considerations, nor does it mean that the system won't become one where private health insurance cannot survive against the government's monopolistic tendencies, and in a few years we will have socialized medicine.
Both Dr. Hennenfent and Mr. Schott are completely correct on this important issue -- and we have been duly warned.

If you want to stop ObamaCare, call your Congressman.

The upcoming vote will be extremely close. If your Representative is one of these crucial swing votes, then your voice could make the difference.

Even if your representative is a firm "yes" or a firm "no", it's still important to let them know where you stand. Word gets around the Congressional grapevine, so if wavering Congressmen learn that Americans everywhere are consistently opposed to this bill (as polls consistently show), it will make a difference.

Contact your Congressman!