Monday, March 1, 2010

Napolitano: 4 Health Care Questions and Answers

Judge Andrew Napolitano posts, "4 Health Care Questions and Answers". The questions include:
1. Can the federal government compel a person to have health insurance?
2. Why can't I buy health insurance from whatever carrier is willing to sell it to me?
3. Is tort reform constitutional?
4. Is there anything in the Constitution that empowers Congress to regulate health care or get between patients and their physicians or empower bureaucrats to tell physicians how to practice medicine?
(Read the full text of "4 Health Care Questions and Answers" for the answers.)

What's especially noteworthy is the how the problems we are experiencing are caused by bad government laws. Hence, the solution is not to impose yet more bad laws (which will only make things worse) but instead to repeal the existing bad laws.