Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Get Ready For the Lobbying

In the March 24, 2010 Washington Examiner, Paul Howard explains why government controls over insurance will make matters worse, not better.

Here's an excerpt from "Obamacare, The Day After":
Obamacare's defenders argue that reimbursement cuts and a new Medicare super-committee empowered to drive Medicare reforms from the top down will usher in productivity savings, as hospitals and doctors become more efficient to make up for lost revenue. In a market environment, where firms compete for consumer dollars based on price and quality, this might actually happen. But in Obama's post-reform world, the competition will be fought most fiercely on K Street, as interest groups lobby Congress, the Department of Health and Human Services, and Medicare officials to tilt the rules (and spending) in their favor.
Government-managed health care will mean constant political wrangling over money.

The constant fights over Medicare coverage reimbursements will be nothing compared to the ferocious battles to come when the health spending of entire American population (not just the seniors) will be controlled by the politicians.