Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hsieh OpEd at PJM: Can the Moral 'Narrative' of ObamaCare Be Defeated?"

PajamasMedia has just published my latest OpEd, "Can the Moral 'Narrative' of ObamaCare Be Defeated?"

My theme is that we have to oppose ObamaCare on moral grounds, not just economic or procedural grounds. I'm especially glad to be able to cite Dr. Peikoff's essay, "Health Care is Not A Right" in my piece.

Here is the opening:
President Obama has finally demanded an "up or down vote" on his health care plan. Republicans have already raised numerous economic and procedural objections, arguing that his plan relies on economic "smoke and mirrors" and that the president is now endorsing the same controversial "reconciliation" process that he denounced in 2005 as a senator as "the wrong place for policy changes." Yet the president and his supporters remain committed to their goal of government-run "universal health care." Why is that?

The key is Obama's declaration, "I don't know how this plays politically, but I know it’s right." Ultimately, Obama and his liberal base believe that government-guaranteed health care is a "moral imperative" -- i.e., "it's right." And that will also be the key to defeating it.

As Leonard Peikoff once wrote, "So long as people believe that socialized medicine is a noble plan, there is no way to fight it. You cannot stop a noble plan -- not if it really is noble. The only way you can defeat it is to unmask it -- to show that it is the very opposite of noble. Then at least you have a fighting chance."

Hence, one must challenge ObamaCare not merely on the economic or procedural levels but on the moral level.
(Read the full text of "Can the Moral 'Narrative' of ObamaCare Be Defeated?")