Thursday, January 7, 2010

Vince Carroll On "Free" Health Care

In the January 6, 2010 Denver Post, Vince Caroll points out what should be obvious to everyone (except Congressmen), "Free preventive care? Hardly".

Here's an excerpt:
If the Senate health care bill becomes law, your preventive care will become "free." Now, now: Don't go raising a quizzical eyebrow. We have the word of Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet that the bill guarantees "free preventive care for everyone."

...What the senator actually meant, of course — and would eventually get around to explaining in the speech -- is that the bill mandates preventive care "without co-payments."

Meaning you won't pay for preventive care directly. You'll pay for it indirectly through higher premiums, higher co-pays for other services or higher taxes and greater national debt.
And to promise this "free care", the government must also assume control over who can receive it and when:
...The details of the preventive-care mandate in the Senate bill (there's a similar one in the House bill) offer the clearest lesson yet of how Washington intends to micromanage health insurance. Forget about meaningful choice. It won't be too many years before you will enjoy the same choice that Henry Ford touted for the Model T: any color at all, "so long as it's black."

...Whether Washington bureaucrats or politicians set the rules, however, the net result still will be an unprecedented level of micromanagement of medical coverage, according to Edmund Haislmaier of the Heritage Foundation -- far beyond the existing regulations of any state.
This is just one more example of how ObamaCare will tighten the noose around private health care with controls and regulations.

And it's our necks in the noose...