Sunday, January 17, 2010

Denver Post Opposes ObamaCare Now

Even the normally liberal Denver Post has come out against the ObamaCare proposal.

Here's an excerpt from their January 16, 2010 piece, "Dispatch health care reform bill":
From the wildly improper gifts to senators like Nebraska's Ben Nelson to this week's backroom deals for unions, the so-called health care reform emerging from Washington has become bad medicine for America and ought to be rejected. Quickly.

Unbelievably, the bill got even worse this past week when lawmakers agreed to exempt union workers from paying taxes that other workers will have to pay for years.

Colorado Sens. Mark Udall and Michael Bennet ought to take a principled stand against the failed reform effort, even if it once held promise.
I'm glad to see that the corrupt favor-trading and deal-making has become so apparent that even supporters of "universal health care" are against this particular bad proposal.

If by some political miracle ObamaCare is defeated, another version will inevitably be proposed. But at least it will have bought more time for free-market advocates to continue to make their case to the American people and our elected officials.