Tuesday, January 5, 2010

IBD: Mayo Vs. Medicare

The January 4, 2010 Investor's Business Daily chimes in on "Mayo Vs. Medicare".

Here's an excerpt:
President Obama suggested last summer that the Mayo Clinic was the model for government medical care. On Monday, the Mayo Clinic in Arizona stopped taking Medicare patients. Now what?

If the nonprofit Mayo Clinic is "what works," as the president believes, then it's clear that government health care doesn't. If Washington can't manage a system with fewer than 50 million participants well enough for those who paid for it to get care, then it sure can't run a program that will eventually include every person in the country.

...One, no American who has paid into the Medicare system for his or her entire working life wants to begin paying for health care out of his or her own pocket. It's cruel to force workers to fund a system they can't draw benefits from.

Two, doctors everywhere, not just at the Arizona Mayo Clinic, are dropping Medicare patients because of the government's meager reimbursements. And the pace of doctors opting out of the system will only pick up if $500 billion is slashed from Medicare funding, as is planned in Washington's health care reform, putting even more elderly Americans at risk.
Either directly or indirectly, Medicare patients will continue see their medical care ratcheted down (i.e., rationed), likely in the name of "cost effectiveness".

And if ObamaCare is passed into law, a similar dynamic will occur with the rest of America.