Monday, January 4, 2010

Crawford's Letter

Jason Crawford has started sending the following letter to his elected officials. With his permission, I am posting his text below:

Dear _______,

I am opposed to the health care bill for several reasons:

First, I just read an important editorial in Saturday's Wall Street Journal explaining why the health-care bill is unconstitutional in multiple ways. In particular: "the Constitution does not give Congress the power to require that Americans purchase health insurance."

Further, I oppose a mandate to buy insurance from a company where I can't negotiate freely.

Finally, I oppose any further restrictions on abortion rights.

In general, I oppose socialized medicine, "universal coverage", any "public option" or "single-payer" system, and any expansion of government control over health care.

Real reform would be increased freedom in health care, especially repeal of insurance mandates, opening insurance across state lines, and opening HSAs to everyone.

Health care is not a right! It is a service to be bought and paid for. And doctors, hospitals, and patients should have the right and the freedom to deal with each other any way they want.

- Jason A. Crawford
I encourage anyone who agrees with his ideas to send something similar to their elected officials. You can find their contact information at: