Monday, January 25, 2010

More California Dreaming

Now that a comprehensive national-level ObamaCare plan of "universal health care" is unlikely to happen, individual state governments will likely start working on their plans. Of course, the fact that they've failed in the past won't stop the true believers.

From California, we see the first stirrings.

The January 21, 2010 New York Times reports, "California Democrats Revive Universal Health Plan" -- with the explicit goal of imposing a "single payer" system on the state.

Apparently, they've learned nothing from the experience of other countries.

Along similar lines, the Associated Press reported on January 19, 2010 of new state rules that would create a "right to be seen by a doctor" for patients in HMOs (Health Maintenance Organizations).

From "California to Set Time Limit to See Doctors" (mirrored here):
California is poised to become the first state to set time limits for doctors to see patients, the Department of Managed Health Care said.

Regulations to be announced Wednesday require family practitioners in health maintenance organizations to see patients seeking an appointment within 10 business days. The deadline for specialists is 15 days.
Of course, if the government could conjure up immediate medical care by fiat, why not do the same for food, water, and housing?

Eventually, reality will catch up with even the most wooly-headed wishful thinking. But for now, California politicians keep dreaming...