Monday, January 18, 2010

Colorado Rally Against ObamaCare

The Independence Institute will be organizing a rally in Denver on January 19, 2010 to oppose ObamaCare.

According to their website for "Free Our Health Care Rally!":
As Obama Care becomes closer to reality, we in Colorado have the right to say "No." This is a chance for freedom loving people from across the state to come together and send the Colorado General assembly a simple message: Defend Colorado against Obama Care in the legislature, or we the people will do it at the ballot.

At the rally, we will be introducing language for a ballot initiative to amend the Colorado Constitution to excempt Colorado from Obama Care. We need to send a very strong and unified message to lawmakers that while we want them to say yes to defending Colorado, we are also ready, willing and able to move forward with the citizen initative process should the legislature fail us.

When: January 19th @ Noon
Where: West steps, Capitol building
The Colorado Springs Gazette strongly supports this effort in its 1/15/2010 editorial, "Law would defend health care choice":
...Jon Caldara and the Independence Institute moved Colorado another step toward its own brand of health care reform, filing with state officials a proposed amendment to the Colorado Bill of Rights called the "Right to health care choice."

...The amendment would forbid government from forcing individuals to buy private health insurance -- an attempt to counter proposed federal legislation. It would preserve the rights of individuals to pay cash for health care services, and it would uphold the right of Coloradans to buy health insurance plans from providers in other states.

The House and Senate versions of proposed federal health care reform would greatly restrict the rights of individuals to make their own health care decisions. The proposed amendment, if upheld by the courts, could make Colorado a unique enclave of health care freedom of choice.
The Denver Post has more background information in their 12/30/2009 story, "Efforts already underway in Colorado to blunt federal health care reforms".

Coloradans are speaking out for individual rights!