Saturday, January 9, 2010

Schwartz PJM: "Insurers' 'Sins' Don't Justify Reform"

Congratulations to Brian Schwartz for having his latest OpEd published on January 8, 2010 by PajamasMedia.

Here is the introduction to his piece, "Health Insurers' 'Sins' Don't Justify Reform":
Are health insurance companies evil? A web search for the phrase turns up almost a million hits. The common reasons for this passionate indictment are insurance company profits, denial of claims, and rescission of policies. But these do not justify the Democrats’ goal of expanding political control of health insurance. Rather, they call attention to existing controls that unfairly advantage insurers and limit competition that would keep insurers honest. They also suggest government’s failure to enforce contracts.
(Read the full text of "Health Insurers' 'Sins' Don't Justify Reform".)

Schwartz nicely explains why the solution to our current problems is not more regulation but rather free-market reforms.

Thank you, Brian!