Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Quick Links: Haynes, Innovation, Bundling

Dr. Beth Haynes of the Black Ribbon Project and D4PC has a new OpEd in the 9/4/2011 TownHall, "Healthcare Rationing George Orwell-Style".

She exposes the double-speak and word games used to disguise the true nature of ObamaCare.

Fortune/CNN ask, "Is the FDA killing innovation?" (Via @TOSJournal.)

Short answer, "yes". Such regulations are another example of Bastiat's principle of "the seen vs. the unseen". We'll never know about the lives that could have been saved (but weren't) because of the FDA.

American Medical News reports on 9/5/2011, "Medicare unveils bundled payment models to start in 2012".

The 8/30/2011 Washington Times has a similar story, "Medicare testing new way to distribute funds to providers".

We've tried various forms of "capitation" in the 1980s and 1990s, and Americans resoundly rejected this approach as stealth rationing. Will they fall for it this time?