Thursday, September 8, 2011

Catron: Flowers for Obamacare

David Catron's latest OpEd in the 9/7/2011 American Spectator, "Flowers for Obamacare", discusses how the Left's shifting "narrative" on Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is driven by their political motives regarding health care.

Here's an excerpt from the opening:
For two decades, progressives have claimed that he is intellectually unfit to sit on the Court. They have repeatedly told us that Thomas is, as one commentator recently phrased it, "a dunce and a worm." However, as myriad constitutional challenges to Obamacare work their way through the courts toward an inevitable showdown before the Supreme Court, the dunce's intellectual powers have somehow improved. In fact, we are now advised that Thomas is not merely intelligent, but that he is an evil genius with an outsized influence on the rest of the Court.
For the left, the key problem is Justice Thomas' judicial philosophy favoring limited (rather than expansive) powers for the federal government.

As Catron observed in his related Facebook post, "It would appear that the closer ObamaCare gets to the Supreme Court the smarter Justice Thomas becomes."

Catron also discusses how many on the left are demanding that Justice Thomas recuse himself from ruling on any ObamaCare cases due to his wife's political sympathies for the Tea Parties. Yet they seem curiously unconcerned about "very real conflict of interest" involving Justice Kagan's pro-ObamaCare work when serving in the Dept. of Justice as an Obama appointee.

There's lots of good material in "Flowers for Obamacare", and I encourage folks to read the entire piece.