Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wolf: Barack Obama’s desperate Hail Mary

Dr. Milton Wolf has a new OpEd in the Washington Times, "Barack Obama’s desperate Hail Mary".

He covers a lot of territory, but I wanted to highlight these two paragraphs:
Obamanomics has become its own parody, a disastrous amalgam of wildly increased deficit spending, central planning, bailouts, takeovers, unconstitutional mandates, overregulation, crony favoritism, debased currency and increased taxes. The "smartest guy ever to become president," as pundits used to call him, knows only one solution to every problem: Grow the government. Now his proverbial chickens have come home to roost and the landscape is littered with the results: Unemployment. High gas prices. Deficits. Food stamps. Poverty. Uninsured people. Foreclosures. Bankruptcies. Layoffs. Phony green jobs. Downgraded America. This is Obamanomics.

Obamacare has become emblematic of big government's arrogant incompetence. It's a 2,700-page monstrosity whose rules are still being written more than a year after its passage. Its supporters could not be bothered to read it before forcing it upon us, even as one of their own called it "a Ponzi scheme of the first order, the kind of thing Bernie Madoff would have been proud of." The landscape is littered with Obamacare's broken promises: Keep your doctor. Keep your insurance. Cut the deficit. Reduce premiums. Create 4 million new jobs. All lies. Instead, connected friends got Obamacare waivers while the rest of America has seen an increase in premiums and the roles of the uninsured actually have increased. This is Obamacare.
(Read the full text of "Barack Obama’s desperate Hail Mary".)

Despite these problems, the President is determined to "double down" and impose yet more government controls over the economy. More and more Americans are recognizing this is a recipe for disaster. And in 2012, they'll have a chance to make their opinions known.

Update: Reader C.A.P. just pointed out that Wolf's OpEd reminded him of this great cartoon: