Thursday, February 16, 2012

Scherz: Unequal Protection Under the Health Care Law

Dr. Hal Scherz of Docs4PatientCare has a new OpEd in the 2/15/2012 American Thinker, "Unequal Protection Under the Health Care Law".

Government-run medicine is supposed to take money out of the equation and give people theoretically "equal" access to care without financial bias. Of course, as we've seen in other countries such as Canada, this merely results in preferential treatment based on political "pull".

One of my colleagues who practiced in Canada before he moved to the US tells me of occasions where they would turn on the normally-closed MRI scanner during the evening to squeeze in a politically-connected VIP, even though ordinary Canadians with similarly-urgent medical problems had to wait weeks for their MRI scans.

Similarly, the US Preventative Services Task Force is now trying to clamp down on medical procedures they consider "unnecessary", such as screening mammograms for women between age 40-50 and prostate screening (PSA tests) for men. As Dr. Scherz notes, President Obama just had his PSA test recently -- but ordinary Americans are being told they shouldn't get one.

Sure, we're all "equal" under ObamaCare. But some will be more equal than others.

(Read the full text of, "Unequal Protection Under the Health Care Law".)