Thursday, February 16, 2012

Quick Links: MD Shortages, Insurance Costs, Drugs Development

Dr. Patrick Hisel discusses, "Why the physician shortage is a perfect storm".

A couple of excerpts:
The Government’s answer is always to grow itself. Now its plan is to start planting the seeds to force physicians to see Medicare patients in order to maintain their license (definition: serfdom). This will lead to an even further disillusioned physician workforce and more attrition...

The best and brightest will choose other careers that don’t involve government-fettered patient care. Or they will simply choose to do something with their lives other than practice medicine.
MIT economist Jonathan Gruber, consultant for both RomneyCare and ObamaCare, admits that "that the price of insurance premiums will dramatically increase" under ObamaCare. (Daily Caller, 2/11/2012. Via Dr. Art Fougner.)

Megan McArdle explains, "New Drugs Cost Even More Than You Think". If we keep making it harder for industry to develop new drugs, we won't have many of them soon. (Forbes, 2/10/2012. Via Dr. Matthew Bowdish.)