Monday, February 6, 2012

Catron On Coulter

David Catron offers his own takedown of Ann Coulter's attempted defense of RomneyCare in his 2/6/2012 American Spectator piece, "Who Castrated Ann Coulter?"

He makes many good points, but I especially liked this section:
...[Coulter] adds the irrelevant point that mandates are constitutional when enacted by states rather than by the federal government. This is true enough, but it misses what should be an obvious point. Health care consumers are less concerned with constitutional nuances relating to federal versus state powers than with the reality that they will be forced to buy insurance whether they wish to or not. That the mandate was passed by a state legislature rather than Congress will not render voters less inclined to resent such government interference in their private transactions.
(Read the full text of "Who Castrated Ann Coulter?")

The debate should be about protecting individual rights, not which level of government is best suited to violating them. Catron does a nice job exposing Coulter's many inconsistencies.