Thursday, December 29, 2011

Wolf: In Obama He Trusts

Dr. Milton Wolf has a new Washington Times OpEd, "In Obama He Trusts".

An excerpt:
Where once the American flag was hailed universally as the ultimate symbol of freedom, we who live under it have slowly but surely surrendered our liberties to an insatiable government. Consider our decline in just the past two generations. Our grandfathers, who stood against evil and shed their blood to stop it, never would have tolerated their own government becoming so totalitarian that it would dictate to them what car they should drive, what (if any) health insurance they should choose or even what light bulb they should buy...

The sum total of Mr. Obama's political philosophy, the unifying theme of his presidency, amounts to this: You cannot be trusted to live as a free American.
Dr. Wolf spells our more details of our steady erosion of freedom in, "In Obama He Trusts".

And he has this crucial warning for the Republicans:
The GOP should resist the temptation simply to become a cleverer version of autocrats who pull the same powerful levers of government but in different directions. Instead, they should become the party that embraces liberty.
Let's hope they heed his advice.