Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pipes: Why ObamaCare Must Be Repealed

In the August 17, 2010 RealClearPolitics, Sally Pipes discusses "Why ObamaCare Must Be Repealed".

She draws on the experience in Canada and Massachusetts to show how ObamaCare's proposed incremental "reforms" will inevitably lead to a full government takeover of American health care. Here's an excerpt:
Obamacare promises to expand coverage in the same way that Massachusetts did -- by expanding government-funded insurance. Canada did the same thing. Worse, Rep. Lynn Woolsey (D-CA) - introduced on July 21 an amendment to the Affordable Care Act, backed by 128 lawmakers, to bring back the "public option" that failed to make it into the final health reform package.

To pay for all this new coverage, Obamacare introduces a number of new taxes on individuals and businesses. Once the Treasury has its hands on all that new revenue, it's unlikely that it will ever be able to let go. Those taxes will be here to stay.

And when costs spiral out of control -- as they have in Canada and in Massachusetts -- American officials will likely double-down on their bets and seize ever-greater control of the healthcare system. Canada banned the private delivery of medicine in response to runaway costs, while Massachusetts sees a system of global per-patient budgets as the solution to its cost problems. Federal officials will no doubt implement some combination of the two...
(Read the full text of "Why ObamaCare Must Be Repealed".)

It's still not too late to repeal it!