Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Catron: The Laugher Curve

David Catron illustrates the unintentional comedy stylings of the advocates of ObamaCare in his latest piece, "The Laugher Curve".

Here's an excerpt:
Among the most hilarious ObamaCare justifications is the claim that it will reduce the federal budget deficit. No less a jokester than Paul Krugman produced this gag in a recent blog post, "the Medicare actuaries believe that the cost-saving provisions in the Obama health reform will make a huge difference to the long-run budget outlook... All the facts we have suggest that health reform was the biggest move toward fiscal responsibility in a long, long time."

The comedy writers from whom Krugman got this quip are the CMS bureaucrats who produced the latest Medicare Trustees Report, which claims "reform" will control Medicare spending enough to keep the program solvent while easing upward pressure on the deficit.

Alas, not everyone appreciates this brand of humor. One such stick-in-the-mud is Richard Foster, Medicare's Chief Actuary...
(Read the full text of "The Laugher Curve".)

Fortunately, we have a chance in November to send a message to our elected officials that we want ObamaCare repealed.

Let's make sure the last laugh is on the ObamaCare supporters, rather than on us.