Saturday, August 7, 2010

Green Light for Paul Hsieh's Top-Tier Op-ed

[From Diana.]

I'm pleased to announce that, thanks to your generous pledges, Paul Hsieh will be diligently working on publishing an op-ed on a top-tier paper over the next few months. Hooray!

Many thanks to those of you who pledged -- 48 people in total! You've made this step-up in Paul's activism worth his extra time and effort. But please don't send any money now... Paul has to publish the op-ed for any of us to owe him so much as a cent. (Yes, I pledged!)

The pledge form will remain active until Paul publishes the op-ed -- or until the deadline expires at the end of 2010. (Let's hope for the former!) So if you missed the original pledge drive but wish to offer Paul some additional motivation, you're welcome to pledge below.

Our many, many thanks to everyone who pledged. It's so gratifying to see people support Paul's work, as we've seen here. It's major spiritual fuel for us -- and I hope for you too!

Here's the pledge form: