Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What To Expect Under Berwick

Dr. Richard Amerling of AAPS explains "What to Expect Under the Reign of Berwick".

Here's an excerpt:
How will standardized care be implemented? One route will be the electronic health record (EHR). They cite the example of HealthPartners in Minnesota who, in order to cut down on the use of high-tech imaging procedures "incorporated appropriateness criteria for radiological tests into the EMR as a reminder to primary care doctors."

There will also be a "primary focus on changing professional practice culture through the engagement of physicians in developing and implementing practice standards. The framework derives partly from known principles and methods of guideline or protocol development." They suggest starting small with "selective, smaller scale efforts to reduce overuse," as this will "prepare the local culture for broader changes in the future."

There can no longer be any doubt that this is what the future holds should ObamaCare survive the dozens of legal challenges. The underhanded recess appointment of this devoted central planner confirms our grim predictions. There is also no question this approach will fail, and fail on a grand scale. There will be shortages, dislocations, more massive bureaucracies, huge cost overruns, and what may be an irreversible loss of quality. Along the way, thousands, if not millions of patients will be harmed.
(Read the full text of "What to Expect Under the Reign of Berwick".)

The government will seek to control ever-increasing aspects of health care in the name of "efficiency" and "standardization". But once you give the government control over the people's health, you've given it control over their lives. Our freedoms and our individual rights will be the inevitable casualties.