Monday, August 30, 2010

Laugesen Defends Amendment 63

In the August 27, 2010 Colorado Springs Gazette, editor Wayne Laugesen defends the Right to Health Care Choice Initiative in their editorial "Amendment 63 protects our freedom".

In particular, Laugesen notes:
This is not a country in which might makes right. It's a country designed to protect minority interests against big government and mob sentiment. Therefore, the massive size of the federal bureaucracy alone does not equal legal authority to impose upon individuals and state governments. Congress has no authority to require individuals to buy private insurance, which is the basis of the lawsuit filed by states. It has no such authority because the Constitution does not grant it, not by any twisting of any phrase. That might not bother a majority in Congress, but it will most certainly matter to federal judges when they determine which rights belong to whom -- based entirely on their interpretation of the Constitution.
(Read the full text of "Amendment 63 protects our freedom".)

I'm glad to see newspapers like the Colorado Springs Gazette and editors like Laugesen speaking out for limited government and individual rights!