Friday, June 29, 2007

Hypocrisy About Private Medicine in Canada

How do you become the most vilified physician in Canada? Become an advocate for private medical care, like Dr. Brian Day, the incoming president of the Canadian Medical Association. Because of his views, he is known by his opponents as "Dr. Profit" and the "Darth Vader of health care".

In a recent speech, he also pointed out the hypocrisy of a number of high-ranking Canadian politicians such as New Democrat Leader Jack Layton who have availed themselves of private medical care, even as they "have railed against the evils of private medical clinics".
Former prime ministers Paul Martin, Jean Chrétien and Joe Clark have also been treated at private medical clinics, Day told the annual meeting of the Canadian Science Writers' Association.

And he says union leader Buzz Hargrove, president of the Canadian Autoworkers, proved a master at "queue jumping" when he got in for an MRI within 24 hours of injuring his leg.
(Via Dr. David Solsberg.)