Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Brian Schwartz in the Media

The June 19, 2007 Denver Post has published the following LTE from Brian Schwartz (halfway down the page):
"Universal" health care

Re: "Patient, take care of thyself," June 14 Pius Kamau column.

Surgeon Pius Kamau admirably explains that "each man and woman should be responsible for their own health." Yet, the "universal health care" he advocates as "ideal" erodes this responsibility.

"Universal" health care is a deceptive euphemism for government- controlled medicine. By forcing providers and patients to abide by its prices and rules, government treats doctors like vending machines and adult patients like dependent children. The only thing "universal" about government-run health care is poor quality, low access, and long waiting times. By restricting choice and freedom, authority-driven health care makes government the parent responsible for the health of infantilized adults.

Contrast this with consumer-directed health care, which combines a low-premium, high-deductible insurance policy with a tax-deductible Health Savings Account. Patients self-insure with money invested in HSAs until reaching the deductible, after which the policy's coverage applies.

Free-market medicine and voluntary charities promote personal responsibility and accessible quality care.

Brian T. Schwartz, Boulder
Brian's June 17 interview on the John Andrews radio show is available for download in MP3 format here.