Tuesday, June 26, 2007

More Reviews of "SiCKO"

David Hogberg has reviewed "SiCKO", including what he likes, as well as what's contradictory, deceptive or downright shameful.

Forbes also reviews "SiCKO", and dicusses numerous factual and philosophical problems:
The Cuba example is the most naïve. It doesn't seem to cross Moore's mind that when you confiscate a nation's private property, that yes, you can provide free dental care for public relations purposes.

...Moore is right that our system is messed up. But that may be due to it being a contorted free market system, with limited competition and little consumerism.

All that is too subtle for Moore, who seems convinced from the start that the only solution is a government takeover. That’s a scary thought. Do you want your doctors to treat you like you get treated at the Department of Motor Vehicles or in airport security lines? Or maybe we should let bad nurses work forever, like a unionized public school teacher. We now enjoy the latest medical device or drug, but will there be much more R&D in the future if a blockbuster pill can't command a blockbuster price?