Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Quick Links: Preparing, Death Panels, Moore's Law

Some useful references: "Preparing For Socialized Health Care". (Via @OHPCenter.)

Walter Russell Mead: "Are Death Panels Making A Comeback?"

Why is that, "Moore's Law Doesn't Apply to Health Care Technology"?

Three critical differences between the tech and health care sectors highlighted by Dr. J. Deane Waldman, Professor of Pediatrics, Pathology & Decision Science at the University of New Mexico.:
1) Regulatory oversight that is completely focussed on compliance. "It discourages risk-taking and innovation," Deane said.
2) Health care doesn't have the same financial reward system. Facebook isn't about to pay $1 billion for the latest hot-ticket item in imaging and informatics.
3) And, finally, Deane said, "Security always trumps information sharing, and so better, faster linkages are constrained because of security concerns, most of which are bogus."
Curious how that the increased government interference in the health care market reduces the degree of innovation.

(Related thoughts on Moore's Law in health care: "The Deadly Tax on Medical Innovation", PJMedia, 4/11/2010)