Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fatal on Repealing ObamaCare

Nathan Fatal, President of the New England Objectivist Society and a student at University of Massachusetts Amherst, recently posted the following paper: "Defend Individual Rights, Repeal ObamaCare".

He wrote this for a public policy class, and I'm honored that he chose to cite some of our work in his paper.

I very much like the fact that he connected a "hot button" political issue to more fundamental issues of individual rights and the proper role of government, with an emphasis on how problems in one's basic theory would lead to bad outcomes in practice.

For example:
If healthcare were truly a right, members of the medical field would by default be rendered the servants of those who have the “need” to obtain, but not the expertise to create, health insurance. In the event that there were not enough insurance providers, somebody somewhere would have to be forced to enter the medical field in order to be able to satisfy the right of his fellow citizens to a service which requires effort on somebody’s part. Failure on the part of the mystically inexhaustible supply of health insurance providers would thereby constitute a violation of the rights of all uninsured people.
And given the combination of the impending shortage of physicians as well as the dangerous notion of a "right" to health care, the next step may be some form of government-compelled "mandatory service" of physicians.

I'm also encouraged that at least some students feel free to openly express political views that might diverge from the stereotypical liberal "conventional wisdom".

(Read the full text of "Defend Individual Rights, Repeal ObamaCare".)