Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hsieh Forbes OpEd: Who Should Control Your Healthcare Spending?

The Forbes website has published my latest OpEd, "Just Who Should Control Your Healthcare Spending?" (5/15/2012)

The theme is that America needs market-based health reforms such as Health Savings Accounts which reduce costs while preserving quality medical care, not government-mandated "bundled payments" which will harm patients and literally set a price on human life.

Here is the opening:
What simple health care reform has reduced medical costs by up to 30%, while preserving quality of care? Hint: It's not government price controls or mandatory health insurance. Rather, it's letting patients decide how to spend their own health care dollars...
(Read the full text of "Just Who Should Control Your Healthcare Spending?")

I'm honored to appear on the Forbes website, and I'd like to thank readers who have shared this piece via Facebook, Twitter, blogging, e-mail, etc.