Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Quick Links: Employer Dumping, HSAs, Scherz

NCPA notes, "Job-Based Health Coverage to Become Even More Expensive under Affordable Care Act".

Basically, under ObamaCare there will be enormous incentives for employers to dump their workers onto government-run "exchanges" to purchase insurance.

John Goodman discusses HSAs in this 5/1/2012 Daily Caller piece, "Power To The Patient".  He discusses the RAND Corporation study showing how patients with HSAs save as much as 30% on their medical expenses without compromising quality of care or outcomes.

Dr. Hal Scherz of D4PC asks, "Is Medical Care A Right?" (, 5/1/2012) He notes that the proper role of the government is to get out of the way and allow patients to seek (and physicians to provide) medical care in a free market according to their best individual judgment and individual conscience. 

(Dr. Scherz frames it in terms of "responsibility", but I typically prefer to frame it in terms of freedom.)