Wednesday, March 14, 2012

WOLF: Democrats Sneak Uncle Sam Into Your Bedroom

Dr. Milton Wolf has a new OpEd out in the 3/12/2012 Washington Times, "Democrats sneak Uncle Sam into your bedroom".

In particular, he highlights the hidden cronyism behind many mandates and entitlement progrms. Any mandate to provide "free" birth control helps Big Pharma just as a ban on incandescent light bulbs is a giant payoff to companies like GE that want people to buy their more expensive "green bulbs".

Wolf also notes:
There's another pattern here. Politicians are like drug dealers. Once you’re addicted to freebies, you suddenly realize the free lunch is not so free. Like the drug dealers, the politicians want your money, to be sure, but what they really covet is your submission. They love telling you what to do and they always claim it’s for your own good.
(Read the full text of "Democrats sneak Uncle Sam into your bedroom".)

More people are waking up.