Thursday, March 29, 2012

Post-SCOTUS Commentary: Wolf, Rhoads, Simberg, LA Times

As one might expect, there's been lots of analysis and commentary of the Supreme Court arguments over ObamaCare.

In general, pundits opining on how SCOTUS will rule on ObamaCare reminds me of the TV commentators discussing how an NFL referee might rule when his head is under the instant replay hood. It's an interesting way to fill air time. But no one but the ref really knows what the final decision will be.

That said, I did want to flag a few pieces that caught my eye:
Milton Wolf, "Obamacare's inescapable death march" (Washington Times, 3/28/2012)

(Note: I agree with Milton that ObamaCare will eventually fail, even if the Supreme Court doesn't overturn it. The big questions would be how long will it take, how hard will the politicians try to prop it up with even worse laws, and how many more people will they harm in the process.)

Jared Rhoads, "Two more encouraging things from the oral arguments on the individual mandate" (Center for Objective Health Policy, 3/28/2012)

Rand Simberg, "The White House/Media Cocoon on ObamaCare" (PJ Media, 3/28/2012)

Los Angeles Times, "Supreme Court appears poised to nullify entire healthcare law"
I'm sure there will be lots more commentary to follow!