Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Quick Links: Mandatory Medicare, Medicaid and ERs, Picture

Quin Hillyer discusses the latest in Hall vs. Sebelius.

As of now, the federal courts have ruled that if someone wishes to opt out of Medicare, they must also give up all their Social Security benefits (which would place a heavy financial burden on many senior citizens). In other words, the courts have stated that because Medicare is an "entitlement" that one must accept those benefits (and corresponding restrictions). But the legal challenge against this rule has moved forward another step.

US News: "Medicaid Patients Go to ERs More Often".

As many have observed, Medicaid patients have "coverage", but have a difficult time getting access to actual medical care. Thus, they are still using ERs for primary care. This problem will only get worse as ObamaCare expands "coverage" by expanding Medicaid.

Avik Roy: "Here, in one graphic, is what’s wrong with American healthcare"