Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Quick Links: IBD, Turner, EMTALA

The 5/20/2011 Investor's Business Daily reviews the growing problems with the UK National Health Service and asks, "Why should the U.S. adopt a government system that will develop the same deadly problems?"

In the 5/22/2011 Washington Examiner, Grace-Marie Turner notes that the proliferation of ObamaCare waivers means that, "What's really being waived here is the rule of law".

We need to repeal the law and give everyone a waiver.

In his 1/27/2011 piece, "Repeal EMTALA!", Washington Post blogger Ezra Klein notes that it was Ronald Reagan who signed into law EMTALA, requiring ERs to accept all comers without consideration of payment. And that this would set the stage for a universal insurance mandate.

As with the massive expansion of Medicare under Bush2, we must remember that Republicans can be quite willing to inappropriately expand government power for many of the same reasons as Democrats. (Link via Scott K.)