Sunday, May 1, 2011

Last Chance: Let the FDA Know You Support Freedom For Genetic Testing

Sorry about the short notice, but I just learned about this myself. Submission deadline for comments is tomorrow(!)

The FDA is giving the general public one last opportunity for comment on whether it should clamp down on consumer genetic testing. These are tests where patients can have their own DNA analyzed to see if they might be at risk of developing certain diseases in the future, sold by companies such as

Here's the Wired story on the proposed regulations (and public comment period):
"Last chance: let the FDA know why you want direct access to your own genome", Wired, 4/29/2011

Here's the direct link to submit a comment to the FDA.

If you want some background, here's my PajamasMedia piece from last year:
"Should You Be Allowed to Know What's in Your DNA?"

I've already submitted the following short comment:
As a practicing physician, I want my patients to be as well-informed as possible about their bodies and their medical conditions. I fully support the rights of patients to learn about their genome free from government interference.

Such information could be invaluable in helping patients prevent or mitigate bad outcomes from genetic diseases or diseases with genetic predispositions.

Patients have both the responsibility and the right to be able to manage their own health according to their best judgment. Consumer genetics would be a powerful tool in assisting them make these important personal decisions.
Thanks to everyone who has already submitted a comment! The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.