Friday, May 20, 2011

Quick Links: Exodus, UK, MA

More and more doctors, providers, insurers, and states are trying to escape from the restrictions of ObamaCare.

The 5/14/2011 Indianapolis Business Journal reports, "Reform could create more 'boutique' doctors". This is one way doctors can opt out of the government-controlled system. (Via S.K.)

The Heartland Institute reports, "UK's NHS Seeks to Limit Care for Smokers, Obese".

There's been extensive commentary about Mitt Romney's defense of the Massachusetts plan. One of the best pieces is from Jeff Jacoby in the 5/18/2011 Boston Globe, "Romney's steadfast stand for a bad idea". (Via Jeff P.)

Specifically, Jacoby notes that RomneyCare didn't end the free-rider/cost-shifting problem; instead it made the problem worse.